Winner of 3 CC's and 1 RCC
Show Gundogs Working Certificate - October 1992
Junior Warrant - October 1988 - aged 11 months

Ch Arcadia Augustus, Dusty to his friends, was a loveable gentle lad. The hardest thing we ever had to do with Dusty was part from him. He left us in May 2000 aged twelve and a half years.
We called him Dusty Roo, as when the girls where in season he would cry out, and the sound that he made sounded like a Roooooooo - hence the name.
Dusty loved being groomed. He used to jump up on the table and stand stock still while he was trimmed. Even just before he died when I'd trimmed him he thought that he was going showing, and was just desperate to get in the car.
He adored showing, but also excelled in the field. He gained is Show Gundogs Working Certificate which together with his Three Challenge Certificates made him up to a Full Champion. We were so proud. Our first full champion, but more importantly to us a very special dog.
Dusty - The day he gained his Junior Warrant
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